Sterex Electrolysis

After Care


Please read these After-Care Notes carefully and follow the recommendation

We use ‘STEREX Needles’ and the full range of STEREX Professional Hygiene products to ensure your comfort and safety, as part of the special care we take to protect you from infection.

A good programme of hygienic home-care will avoid any spots or minor infections occurring. It is important for you to remember to take extra care of the treated area, especially within the first 36/48 hours giving the skin a chance to settle and to allow it to return to normal.

One of the STEREX Apres Cosmetic aftercare range has been applied to the treated area immediately after your treatment. This range has been specifically formulated for use after Electrolysis to soothe your skin, and help prevent any infection of the treated follicles which will be more prone to infection after the hairs have been removed. The STEREX Apres product should be left undisturbed for at least 24 hours. Further applications can be made if required. The STEREX Apres tinted creams can also be used instead of foundation. ALWAYS use a small clean pad of cotton wool to apply the cream, and use a fresh pad for each area.


Hair should not be plucked or removed with a wax or cream remover between treatments. It is safer to simply cut any noticeable hairs with scissors.


It is also advisable to avoid exposing the treated area to direct sunlight or to a sunbed treatment. If necessary a high factor sun protective cream should be used.


If you use a product to bleach the downy growth between treatments it should not be applied for at least 48 hours.


The skin should be left for a sufficient period of time for healing to take place before any make-up is applied. It must always be removed gently and safely with unperfumed products that are suitable for sensitive skins. Lotions are less prone to promote infection than cream products.


A rich night cream or moisturiser should not be applied for 48 hours. After this time the area can be massaged to promote the healing process and complete recovery of the treated area. If a rash or minor infection appears at any time on the treated area an antiseptic cream as recommended can be used. Cortisone/steroid or same should not be used.

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If you are unsure of anything, contact your electrologist for advice.